• The Product is a revolutionary and innovative new product to assist you, in the case of an emergency, to pass on to someone who may be able to help you all your relevant information such as location, medical conditions, doctors of your choice, contact persons and the like.
  • The Product is the subject of a patent and all rights in and to it are reserved to the holder of the patent
  • The purchaser and user of the Product (“User”) hereby agree to the T & C.
  • If the purchase is to be made on-line there will be no sale until the User has agreed in writing to the T & C.
  • If the User has made the purchase other than on-line and is not prepared to agree to the T&C the Product and its packaging may be returned for a full refund to the retailer from which it was purchased provided that the Product has not been used in any manner.
  • There will be no refund given to any person to whom the Product was given. By the purchaser of the Product. DISCLAIMER
  • The User and his dependants indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its agents, distributors, servants, employees, subsidiaries and holding companies from any harm or injury, damages (whether direct, special or consequential) or costs of whatsoever nature sustained in any manner whilst using the Product.
  • The Company makes no representations regarding the outcome of the use of the Product which must be used strictly as directed. The Company does not warrant that use of the Product will prevent injuries or damage or save lives.
  • The successful use of the Product is subject to:
  1. There being cell phone coverage in the area where any scanning of the Product needs to take place;
  2. The person who first attends to the person wearing the Product (“the First Responder”) correctly interpreting and utilising the applicable software of the Product such as allowing the geo location of the device the First Responder utilises;
  3. The First Responder being in possession of a smart phone to enable scanning to take place;
  4. The geo locational accuracy of the cell phone being used;
  5. The person requiring assistance having correctly down loaded all his relevant data;
  6. The First Responder having access to the internet;
  7. The First Responder and any persons contacted by him correctly implementing the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the User.