The Program’s Primary offering is the Life & Time Saving benefits of the Innovative and Secure Information Portal. World Wide Research has shown that there is a dire need for this type of service as People are repeatedly finding themselves in Emergency Situations, and the Critical Life Saving Information required is not on hand when mere seconds often make a Critical Difference.

Due to the very design and nature of the program, it uniquely lends itself towards a Value Add Offering of REAL Meaning and VALUE to the Corporate Sector. –Imagine if Your corporate was responsible for SAVING a LIFE through utilising this program for your members? Is That not what TRUE Corporate Care and Social Responsibility is all about?

Purpose driven Program design and database volumes within the corporate and other membership sectors, the cost of this Program to the corporate / or subscribing members is extremely attractive, even with world-wide coverage.

SOS ALERT has experienced that some delivery channels & Corporates either embed the marginal Program subscription into their product cost over a period or into their members current monthly subscriptions, with the following benefits:

  • Huge Real Value Added “Loyalty Reward” to the subscribing member;
  • Increased membership retentions- “Share of Customer heart”:
  • Attractive feature when recruiting new members;
  • Increased Brand building- Project Image of True Care;
  • Increased Advertising opportunities-Web Portal;
  • Increased Marketing opportunities- Unique Specials to Program members;
  • Enhanced Database Management – cleans data and analytical trends;
  • Increased Legislative Compliance-Opt in Membership.

Additional INFO

The SOS ALERT Program’s design and relationships with various Affiliates provides for numerous Value Add Services to the Affiliate Business and Corporate sector.

The SOS ALERT Program enhances the Opportunity to provide a launch platform to a designated "Opt In" base. The Opportunity to provide a testing platform for Pre-Launch analysis,and radically reduce the “to market” time and cost factors is also real and relative. The above also provides fantastic value for MEMBERS as they will have a say in the way products are designed and delivered.

SOS ALERT is currently developing a host of “country relevant” additional value add’s which provides for international exposure for Affiliates, Business and Corporates alike.

SOS ALERT is designed in such a way that it easily becomes part of any Business or Corporate Social Responsibility spend. This is as follows: The Affiliate (corporate / Business/ Organisation/ Individual) introduces SOS ALERT to a Delivery Channel (The Affiliate and Channel may in some instances be one and the same entity- EG: a Non-Profit Organisation or Medical Aid taking the program to its membership.) Built into the price of the Program is a small introductory/ annuity based reward for both the Affiliate and the Delivery Channel. This provides for numerous options available such as cost recovery, profit redistribution as well as direct investment- all dependent upon the model utilised for the Affiliate and specific Delivery Channel. Each scenario may be different and we are prepared to Customize these for efficiencies. The earning capacity is a volume driven model and annuity based.


Please complete the Affiliate Application Form (click on Affiliate Button) if you believe you would like to become part of the Program as an Affiliate or Associate Endorsing Organisation (Click on Associate Endorser button). We will then contact you and after relevant documentation signed and submitted, we will evaluate your application with you – We live this Program and are only interested in Serious Participants. We will also guide open prospects to current performing affiliates & provide all with continuous updates & sharing best practices to enable potential for all.