Let us save your life

Accurate public emergency information as selected by members, is immediately accessible to first respondents in emergency situations where seconds save lives.

SOS Alert is not limited to 3 or 4 lines of information on a Medical emergency bracelet. You are able to display your profile picture, give First Responders and Medical personnel access to as much or as little information as you choose. For example, your Medical Aid details, your blood type, whether or not you want to receive blood transfusions, your emergency contact persons, your personal doctors contact details etc. You are totally in control of what you want to make available. You can also update your medical details when you choose to without having to worry about delays in ordering replacement bracelets with updated details.

For example, if you suffer from Asthma you might need help to get your Asthma pump and to help you to use it, or if you have not got your pump with you, what to do to help you survive with specialised breathing techniques until help arrives.

If you suffer from Epilepsy and you have a seizure, you may want the First Responder to clear the area and make sure that no one tries to put something in your mouth, which is a common misconception.