Let us save your life

Accurate public emergency information as selected by members, is immediately accessible to first responders in emergency situations where seconds save lives.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure we give you the best chance to survive in an emergency situation. We have built in 3 separate technologies into our bracelets giving you’re the greatest opportunity to get the best care possible.

One of our primary technologies uses NFC. This is a new technology which is becoming wide spread amongst smart phones these days List of NFC Enabled Smart Phones.

Our other primary technology is the ability of a Smart Phone to scan QR Codes. Almost all smart phones these days have cameras good enough to read a QR Code and with this, they are able to access your information.

With the above two technologies, First Responders are able to access all your medical information that you have made available should an emergency situation require it. First Responders are able to see a profile picture of yourself, and as many lines of information that you feel is required. We can give access to numerous emergency contact people with First Responders being able to just touch the contact number and for their Smart Phones to be able to dial the numbers. This alleviates the possibility that the First Responder accidentally does not dial the number correctly. We also offer a number of common self-assistance videos for conditions like Asthma attacks, Epileptic seizures, choking, fainting, diabetic episodes and many more. This list is ever growing as more and more medical organisations come on board with this revolutionary system.

Furthermore, we are able to give access to the closest medical assistance regardless of where you find yourself in and emergency through integrated technologies with SA Doctors App.

Finally, we offer a traditional tag. We use a metal clasp that has been laser engraved with your particular Emergency information. This traditionally only allows 3 to 4 lines of information, but gives the user the greatest piece of mind that their safety is our highest priority and that in almost any circumstance, their emergency information should be available.