ACCURATE & CONVENIENT- Your data is stored by you, so it eliminates the chance of your data being corrupted by a 3rd party. A single location for safely storing & retrieving critical information and documents creating ease of instant recovery and protection. One place to look - Total Convenience.

LIFE SAVING & REAL TIME– Accurate public emergency information as selected by members, is IMMEDIATELY ACCESSIBLE to First Responders in emergency situations where seconds save lives.

ELECTRONIC- Access to information is immediately available through the internet which means it alleviates phoning call centres with the problems of delays and inaccurate information being conveyed telephonically to you.

RELEVANT- Critical Information as stored by the Member is instantly available to members or emergency personnal – saving lives, saving time & money whilst protecting privacy.

TESTIMONIALS- in emergency situations when the members can’t communicate, First Responders are informed of all your critical emergency info which you marked as public- Life Saving Information.

SOS Alert